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Qi Men Dun Jia by Master Peter Leung


Unique Workshop in Ukraine on April 15-19, 2008


Qi Men Dun Jia focuses on both good and bad luck with respect to space and time. Its translation to English would be "Mysterious Gate".
The original use of Qi Men Dun Jia was in military applications prior to the Tang Dynasty. It is alluded to in such classic Chinese literary works as, "The Three Kingdoms" and, "The Art of War". So coveted and yet top-secret was the knowledge of Qi Men Dun Jia many counterfeit methods were invented to hide the true method.

More recently Qi Men Dun Jia has become a hot topic.

Master Peter Leung has been researching Qi Men Dun Jia since 1994 and will share his research to help simplify this complicated material.


This course will be focused on:


  • Simple ways to plot the 1080 Qi Men Dun Jia charts
  • An easy way to interpret Qi Men Dun Jia charts
  • How to use Qi Men Dun Jia in your daily life
  • Feng Shui practices to enhance your specific purposes and to avoid unfavourable possibilities by selecting the proper time and proper direction for the former


Students will also walk away with some specific tricks in Qi Men Dun Jia practical application including how to escape from dangerous situation safely.


Given the complex nature of QMDJ students are required to have the following knowledge base:

  • 10 stems
  • 12 branches
  • 60 Jia Zi
  • 24 Jie Qi
  • Basic Flying Stars
  • Trigrams


Chinese literacy is beneficial but not required


Course Duration: 5 days, from 10:00 till 18:00.

Dates: April 15th – April 19th, 2008

Venue: Hotel TURIST, Kiev, Ukraine

Due to the limitation if the quantity of participants, the registration is being confirmed only after payment.


To obtain detailed program and terms of participation and to apply contact us at: kursy@gestia.com.ua 

Detailed information about workshop and terms of participation as well as order of Peter Leung's consltancy is available also at: +38-068-8064797.


About Peter Leung

Peter Leung has dedicated his life to the study of the ancient arts and sciences of China, for the purpose of helping others to achieve a better life. His love for his work and passion for learning have led him on an endless search for knowledge. This has driven him to do much personal research to verify through actual experience the most accurate theories, and through careful study and observation to logically deduce the "secret" missing links in published works.


He desires to bring to bear all of the knowledge and wisdom he has been privileged to gain, to continually expand the current boundaries of thought and practice in Chinese metaphysics. Peter has chosen to teach in the English language for two reasons: The first is to insure that the cultural heritage of Chinese people born in English speaking countries would never be out of reach. The second reason is that it is Peter's dream to enable people from both the East and the West to join together to learn and make new contributions to the current body of knowledge that can be used in practical ways to benefit all of humanity.

Dr. Chen Nai Kin has been Peter Leung's private mentor since 1989. During this time, he has achieved a rare and unique grasp on the essence and various applications of Feng Shui, Four Pillars of Destiny, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Face and Palm Reading, I Ching and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has often been described affectionately by his students as a "walking encyclopedia." As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Peter has specialized in the treatment of cancer and chronic disease. His guidance in the Chinese metaphysical arts has been sought by people from all walks of life. He is honored to be considered a colleague by some of the most highly regarded thinkers in this field.

Peter Leung's research has yielded many innovative techniques and discoveries, including:

  • Development of a mathematical formula that reconciles the Gregorian calendar with the 10,000 year calendar, allowing the Western student easy access to the treasure that is core in this foundation piece of Chinese Metaphysics. A Chinese calendar is no longer required to calculate Four Pillars of Destiny.
  • Introduction of a novel technique for understanding and internalizing the concepts of one's Four Pillars of Destiny pattern, through visualization of the symbolic representations of the Five Elements and the Stems and Branches. This technique is known as "Painting a Picture" with the Four Pillars of Destiny.
  • "Chinese DNA" is a term coined by Peter to describe his special method of assessing and addressing a person's health from their Four Pillars of Destiny chart.
  • Compilation of 60 distinct "Personality Profiles" based on a person's day of birth alone, which can render much useful information even without a known hour of birth.
  • Many astute Form School findings based on personal observation have led to original innovative and invaluable methods for both interior and exterior Forms.
  • Valuable experiential research into numerous Water Placement methods some of which are rarely discussed in the West, for results that have benefited the lives of many.


Peter Leung's simple personal philosophy is to try to live our lives with the compassion of the Buddha in our hearts; to use our knowledge talents and abilities to help all those in need regardless of their circumstances.


He has also served as the "resident expert" on America Online's Feng Shui Board, and formerly sat on the Board of Directors for the Feng Shui Association of Canada.




To obtain detailed program and terms of participation and to apply contact us at: kursy@gestia.com.ua 

Detailed information about workshop and terms of participation as well as order of Peter Leung's consltancy is available also at: +38-068-8064797.

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